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Model Changes 1928 ~ 1931


  • Model Changes 1928 ~ 1931

    Model changes 1928 to 1931

    The 1928 and 1929 models remained very similar with only small changes applied for the 1929 model.

    In 1930, a re-styled model A was launched with a taller grille shell and higher body line. The 1931 standard models were kept relatively the same with only a few cosmetic changes. A slant windscreen version of the sedan and cabriolet models was introduced in the later part of 1931 and remain quite rare as only small numbers were produced.
    Model A Engine 2,000,000

    The Model A engine is a 4 cylinder flathead design, developing 40 horse power at 2200 rpm.
    Unlike the previous Model T engine, the Model A powerplant used a more conventional battery, generator, coil and distributor system.

    Picture shows engine number 2,000,000 being lowered into a chassis on July 24th 1929.

    ( Is that Steve Martin in the picture)?
    The 20 Millionth Ford

    Another milestone for Henry Ford arrived during Model A production.

    Henry Ford drives the 20 millionth Ford off the production line at the Rouge assembly plant on April 14th 1931.
    Ford Model A Sedan

    The Sedan was probably the most popular of the body styles especially the 2 door.

    It was basically the family saloon of the Model A bodies and at $495 for the 2 door and $570 for the Fordor, it was great value and extreme luxury after the faithful Model T.
    Ford Model A Coupe

    The Ford Model A Coupe proved to be a very popular body style for the Ford design team.

    It was an elegant vehicle for the ladies as well as a very versatile car for businessmen of that era.
    Some models came with a rumble seat in place of the boot which gave the option of an extra two seats for the fair weather traveller.

    The Sport coupe (shown above) looked very much like a cabriolet with it’s fabric roof and landau irons, but was in fact a fixed roof.
    Ford Model A Phaeton

    The Phaeton was full 4 seater open air motoring and at a very reasonable price too just $395.
    Full side screens could be fitted in the event of bad weather.

    In June 1930, Ford launched the DeLuxe phaeton which was a luxury 2 door car with two individual seats rather than a bench seat and trimmed in leather.
    Ford Model A Roadster

    The Roadster just had to be a real winner with young ladies and Gentlemen in 1928.

    It was a low priced Sporty open air car and with a launch price of only $385.

    The optional rumble seat changed the boot to an extra 2 seats which was an extremely popular choice for model A owners.
    Ford Model A Cabriolet

    The Cabriolet model was not produced until March 1929.

    It was a luxury version of the roadster but with wind up windows and a standard rumble seat.

    A slant windscreen model was launched in late 1931 and remains quite rare due to the low production numbers.
    Ford Model A Convertible Sedan

    The Convertible Sedan known as the A-400 was introduced in May 1931.

    It was a five passenger vehicle and a new unique design In the sporty DeLuxe line of cars.

    With it’s leather interior and luxury credentials, It remains very sought after with only 5093
    vehicles produced.
    Ford Model A Pickup

    The Pick Up was a very popular commercial Vehicle available with a closed or open style cab.

    The open style had what looked like a roadster type convertible but was in fact fixed.

    The 28-29 closed cab was the style featured in the ‘Waltons’ TV series.

    We actually own one of these fabulous vehicles.

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      When I had a '29 & a '30 Coupe, side beside, it was friggin' AMAZING, to study the DIFFERENCES!! They were almost like 2 different cars!!
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